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1873 Fulton County Map

The 1873 map shows locations of many points of interest including home locations with landowner names, post offices, one room schools, churches, and more. You may also buy a half-size or full-size reproduction from our shop (choose the Maps category). Both reproductions sizes show all features in very legible detail.

1885 Sanborn Fire Insurance Company Map of McConnellsburg

In 1885 and again in 1894 the Sanborn Fire Insurance Company drew every building in McConnellsburg to scale. Colors: yellow indicates log or frame; red indicates brick; and blue indicates stone construction. A dotted line indicates porches. Water Street in 1894 is named Lincoln Way today. First Street in 1894 is Third Street today. In addition to color showing construction materials, 1 and 2 indicates how many floors are in the building.

1894 Sanborn Company Fire Insurance Map of McConnellsburg

Deaths Index

Listing of names taken from death notices in Fulton County Newspapers from as long ago as the 1860's. Many names in this listing do not appear in our online listing of Deceaseds in Fulton County cemeteries.

Descendants of John and Sarah Stilwell Mellott by Mike J. Horton

Elias Wink Deed

Elias Wink was an early settler in what is today Belfast Township, Fulton County. Each applicant was told to give his claim a unique name, so Wink chose "Eye Lids" for his farm. (wink, wink) In colonial days, settlers in our part of Pennsylvania needed to take their land deeds to Philadelphia for recording. When Wink arrived with his paper, a retired man with time on his hands was present and signed as a witness. B. Franklin signatures are valuable today. The Fulton County Historical Society owns the original which is hidden in a safe place, but a framed copy hangs in the Fulton House museum.

George Sipes/Catharine Cline Birth Certificate Form

Many early settlers in Fulton County were of German background. In Belfast Township, the Lutheran family of George Sipes and Catharine Cline used this form to record the birth of their son, John, in 1798. A copy of the original certificate hangs in the Fulton County Historical Society Library.

Historic Listing Of Post Offices In Fulton County

Did you know that places such as Iddo and Lashley once had post offices? Members can see a listing of nearly 60 post offices from as far back as 1860. Information includes dates opened and closed and the name of the first postmaster.

Marriages - Bride Index

Listing of names of brides taken from marriage notices in Fulton County Newspapers from as long ago as the 1860's.

Marriages - Groom Index

Listing of names of grooms taken from marriage announcements in Fulton County Newspapers from as long ago as the 1860's.

Mellott Family History by Dr Malcolm Mellott

Our biggest Fulton County family is the MELLOTT family. We have an entire section in our bookshelves at the Fulton County Historical Society library just for Mellotts. Please do NOT write to us requesting Mellott research - we simply have too much! The late Dr. Malcolm Mellott attempted to organize a history of Mellott descendants. Some genealogists have found errors in it, but we present this as a possible starting point. This document has been scanned and OCR'ed in order to make it searchable - just hold down "Control" and "f" (for 'find') and then enter a name in the box which opens on your screen to search the document after it has finished downloading to your computer.

Union Cemetery Layout

Union Cemetery is the largest in Fulton County at 3.7 miles south of McConnellsburg along Route 522 in Ayr Township. For many people buried there in the 1900s, their plot number is written at the top of their obituary card (you need to be a Historical Society member to open the obituaries on your home computer.) Here is a drawing to help you locate the exact grave site location in the OLD part of Union Cemetery. - west side of Route 522.